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The human operator, the least reliable element of an aerodyne, but the most essential...!
Frank Caron (1991)

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26 September 2016

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About www.CulturAiles.com

The name CulturAiles.com is a French pun, created in 1995, by the combination of the two French words:

  1. CULTURE (same in English),
  2. and AILES (wings in English).

Literally CulturAiles.com may be translated in English as CulturWing ("CULTURE of the WING")...

CulturAiles.com provides information about human factors applied in safety in aeronautics.

This website offers suggestions dedicated to aviation safety, but centered on its most critical area: the human factors. The following maxim the key base of CulturAiles.com:

The human operator,
the least reliable element of an aerodyne,
but the most essential

This shows the deep paradox regarding the need of the human being versus its weaknesses.

The human factors are a huge field (made of many sciences psychology, sociology, medicine, anatomy, neurology, physiology, anthropology, statistics, ergonomics, pharmacology, management, physics, etc.). As it takes years to train a pilot, a chief purser, an engineer, it takes years to be able to deal with human factors issues.

CulturAiles.com propose an approachable and modern point of view of the human behaviors in daily operations. Thus, this web site concern mainly the people involved in the aviation industry (pilots, mechanics, engineers, cabin attendants, managers, etc.).

The human factors concepts are not limited to the aeronautic, since they concern all the type of operations.

At least such a web site is never achieved. There are always corrections to bring and materials to add.

Since April 2005, CulturAiles.com is hosted by OVH.

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