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Nice to know - Aviation abbreviations and acronyms (a-b)
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A Alpha
a-Floor  Max. Angle Of Attack, Stall
A-SMGCS Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System
A/BRK  Autobrake
A/C  Aircraft
A/D  Analog/Digital
A/F  Auto Flight
A/G Air/Ground
A/L  Airline
A/N  Alphabetical/Numerical
A/P  Autopilot
A/R  Approved/Repairs
Audio Reproducer
A/S  Airspeed
Auto Stabilization
A/SKID  Antiskid
A/T  Adjustment/Test
Auto Throttle
A/THR  Auto Throttle
Auto Thrust (Function)
A/XMFR  Auto Transformer
A. M.  Above Mentioned
Ante Meridian
AA  Airworthiness Authorities
AAAH  Airbus Approved Abbreviation Handbook
AAC  Airline Abbreviation Code
AAD  Airbus Abbreviations Dictionary
Assigned Altitude Deviation
AAIB Air Accident Investigation Branch/Bureau
AAL  Above Aerodrome Level
Above Airport Level
AAP  Additional Attendant Panel
Aft Attendant Panel
AAPA Association of Asia Pacific Airlines
AB  Abort
ABBR  Abbreviation
ABC Airway, Breathing, Circulation
ABD  Airbus Directives
ABM  Abeam
Apu Built-Up Manual
ABN  Abnormal
ABNORM  Abnormal
ABP Able Bodied Passenger
ABS  Absolute
Airbus Standard
ABSORB  Absorber
ABV  Above
AC  Advisory Circular
Aeroplane Characteristics (For Airport Planning)
Alternate Current (Alternating Current)
Analog Common
ACA  Airline Customization Analysis
ACAC  Air Cooled Air Cooler
ACARS  Aircraft Communication Addressing And Reporting System
ACAS  Airborne Collision Avoidance System
Aircraft Collision Avoidance System
ACC  Acceleration
Active Clearance Control
Area Control Center
Altocumulus castellanus
ACCEL  Accelerate, Acceleration, Accelerometer
ACCID Accident
ACCL  Acceleration
ACCLRM  Accelerometer
ACCS  Avionics Cooling Control System
ACCU  Accumulator
ACE  Altimeter Control Equipment
Actuator Control Electronics
ACFT  Aircraft
ACHC  Aft Cargo Heat Controller
ACIA  Asynchronous Communication Interface Adapter
ACID  Aircraft Tail Number
Aircraft Identification
ACK  Acknowledge
ACM  Air Cycle Machine
Aircraft Conversion Manual
APU Condition Monitoring
Abbreviation Component Maintenance Manual
ACMI Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance and Insurance
ACMM  Abbreviation Component Maintenance Manual
ACMS  Aircraft Centralized Maintenance System
Aircraft Condition Monitoring System
ACN  Aircraft Classification Number
ACOB  Automatic Call Out Box
ACOC  Air Cooled 1 Oil Cooler
ACP  Altimeter Check Point
Area Call Panel
Attendant Control Panel
Audio Control Panel
ACPCS Analog Cabin Pressure Control System
ACQ  Acquisition
ACRT  Additional Cross Reference Panel
ACS  Access
ACSC  Avionics Cooling
ACSL altocumulus
Additional Center Tank
auxiliary central tank
ACTD  Actuated
ACTG  Actuating
ACTN  Action
ACTR  Actuator
ACTR  Aircraft System
ACTVT  Activate
ACU  Alpha Call Up
Antenna Coupler Unit
ACV  Alternating Current Voltage
ACVR  Alternating Current Voltage Ratio
ACW  Apu Control Word
ACYC  Apu Start Cycles
AD  Aerodrome
Aircraft Datum
Airworthiness Directive
ADAU  Auxiliary Data Acquisition Unit
ADB  Area Distribution Box (Audio/Video)
ADBR  Arinc Data Bus Reader
ADC  Air Data Computer
Analog/Digital Converter
Automatic Drive Control
ADD  Addition
Acceptable Defer Defect
ADDR  Address
ADF  Automatic Direction Finder
ADG  Air Driven Generator
ADI  Attitude Director Indicator
ADIRS  Air Data And Inertial Reference System
ADIRU  Air Data And Inertial Reference Unit
ADJ  Adjust
ADJMT  Adjustment
ADM  Air Data Module
ADPM  Aircraft Deactivation Procedures Manual
ADPTN  Adaption
ADPTR  Adapter
ADR  Advisory Route
Air Data Reference
Airborne Data Loader
ADREP Accident and Incident Reporting System (ICAO)
ADRES  Aircraft Data Retrieval System
Aircraft Documentation Retrieval System
ADRS  Address
ADS  Air Data System
Automatic Dependent Surveillance
ADS-B Automatic Dependent Surveillance - Broadcast
ADU  Air Data Unit
Alignment Display Unit
ADV  Advisory Advisory Message
AEA  Association Ol European Airlines
AEB  Airline Engineering Bulletin
AECMA  Association Europe'en Des Constructeurs De Material Aerospatial
AED Automatic External Defibrillator
AEEC  Airline Engineering Electronics Committee
AEMS  Aircraft Electronic Management System
AERO  Aviation Routine Weather Report
AEVC  Avionics Equipment Ventilation Computer
AEX  Access Authorized
AF  All Freighter
Audio Frequency
Automatic Frequency Control
Dme Arc To Fixed Waypoint
AFB  Antifriction Bearing
AFC  Automatic Flight Control
AFCS  Automatic Flight Control System
Auto-pilot Flight Computer System
AFCU Aux Fuel Control Unit
AFDC Auto-pilot Flight Director Computer
AFDS Auto-pilot Flight Director System
AFE  Analog-Digital Front End
AFM Airplane Flight Manual
Approved Flight Manual
AFM-DPI Airplane Flight Manual- Digital Performance Information
AFR  Airframe
Attendant Flight Report
AFRP  Aramid Fiber Reinforced Plastic
AFS  Air Fuel Separator
Automatic Flight System
AFT  Aftwards
AFTN  Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunication Network
AGB  Accessory Gear Box
Apu Generator Contactor
Auxiliary Generator Contactor
AGC  Automatic Gain Control
AGCM  Aircraft Ground Check Module
AGE  Aircraft Ground Equipment
AGL  Above Ground Level
AGLC  Apu Generator Line Contactor
AGMT  Augment
AGSE Aircraft Ground Support Equipment
AGW  Actual Gross Weight
AH  Ampere Hour
AHM  Apu Health Monitoring
AHMS  Apu Health Monitoring System
AHRS  Apu Operating Hours
AHRS  Attitude And Heading Reference System
AHRU  Attitude And Heading Reference Unit
AI  Airbus Industry
Active Implementation (IOSA)
AIA  Aerospace Industries Association
AIB  Attendant Information Bulletin
AIC  Access Illustration Cards
Aeronautical Information Circular
AICC  Avionics Industries Computer Committee
AID  Aircraft Installation Delay
AIDB Aeronautical Information Data Base
AIDS  Aircraft Integrated Data System
AIG  Accident Investigation
AIL  Aileron
Airbus Information Letter
AIM  Aircraft Integrated Maintenance
Accident Investigation Manual
AIMS  Airbus Inventory Management System
Aircraft Integrated Management System
Airplane Information Management System
AIP  Attendant Indication Panel
Attitude Indicator Panel
Aeronautical Information Publication
AIRCOND  Air Conditioning
AIS  Aeronautical Information Service
Air Information Service
American Iron And Steel Institute
Anti Ice Sensor
AIT  Automatic Integrity Test
AIU  Audio Interface Unit
AIV  Anti-Ice Valve
ALC  Already Connect
Automatic Load Control
ALERFA  Alert Phase
ALF  Aft Looking Forward
ALHP  Aircraft Life History Program
ALI  Aircraft Loadability Interface
ALIGN  Alignment
ALIM  Alimentation (Supply)
ALPH  Airframe Use History Program
ALPHA  Alphabetical
ALLS  Alternate Landing Light System
ALS  Approach Light System
ALT  Altitude
Engine Alternator Rotor
Engine Alternator Stator
ALT ACQ Altitude Acquisition
ALTI  Altimeter
ALTM  Altimeter
ALTPN  Alternate Part Number
ALTR  Altitude Rate
ALTU  Annunciator Light Test Unit
ALT-INTV ALTitude INTerVention
ALU  Arithmetic And Logic Unit
AM  Amplitude Modulation
AMAGAS  Aircraft Malfunction And Ground Action System
AMB  Ambient
AMC  Acceptable Means Of Compliance
AMC  Aerodynamic Mean Chord
AMD Amended
AME Aircraft Maintenance Engineer
AMI Airline Modifiable Information
AMJ (JAA) Advisory Material Joint
AMM  Aircraft Maintenance Manual
AMO Approved Maintenance Organization
AMP  Airline Maintenance Procedure
AMPL  Amplifier
AMS  Aeronautical Material Specification
Aerospace Material Specification
Aircraft Malfunction System
Aircraft Modification Status
Approved Maintenance Schedule
AMTOSS  Aircraft Maintenance Task Oriented Support System
AMU  Audio Management Unit
Area of Magnetic Unreliability
AMV  Air Modulating Valve
AN  Alphabetical/Numerical
Air Navigation
AND  Aircraft Nose Down
ANI  Analog Input
ANN LT  Annunciator Light
ANN  Annunciator
ANNCMT  Announcement
ANNU  Annunciator
ANO  Analog Output
ANP Actual Navigation Performance
ANPT  Aeronautical National Taper Pipe Threads
ANS  American National Standard (Institute)
Area Navigation System
Alternate Navigation System
ANT  Aircraft Nose Up
ANX Annex
AO Audit Organization (IOSA)
AO1 Automated stations without a precipitation discriminator
AO2 Automated stations with a precipitation discriminator
AOA  Angle Of Attack
Angle Of Attack Sensor
Airport Operations Area
AOB  Angle Of Bank
AOC  Approach On Course
Airlines Operations Control
Air Operator Certificate
AOG  Aircraft On Ground
AOL  All Operators Letter
AOM  Aircraft Operating Manual
AOT  Aircraft Operation Test
AOW  All Operators Wire
AP  Autopilot
Airborne Printer
Aromatic Polyamide (Kapton Tm)
AP/FD  Auto Pilot/Flight Director
APARMO Asia Pacific Approvals & Registry Monitoring Organization
APC  Aircraft Positive Control
APD  Approach Progress Display
APEX  Advanced Project For European Exchange
APIC Auxiliary Power International Corporation: Sunstrand (Usa) & Turbomeca (France)
APL  Airplane
APM  Aircraft Performance Monitoring
APM  Airport Planning Manual
APP  Appearance
APPR  Approach
APPROX  Approximately
APPU  Asymmetry Position Pick Off Unit
APS  Aircraft Prepared For Service
Auxiliary Power Supply
Auxiliary Power System
APU  Auxiliary Power Unit
AQD Aviation Quality Database
AQP Advanced Qualification Program
AR  As Required
ARALL  Aramid Reinforced Aluminum Laminate
ARCCS  Automatic Rotor Clearance Control System
ARFF Airport Rescue Fire Fighting
ARG  Arresting Gear
ARGA  Arinc Receiver Gate Array
ARINC  Aeronautical Radio Incorporated (Specification), American Radio Incorporation
ARLL  Aramide Aluminum Laminate
ARM  Aircraft Recovery Manual
ARM  Armed
ARMD  Armed
ARMG  Arming
ARMT  Armament
ARND  Around
ARO  After Receipt Order
ARP  Aerodrome Reference Point
ARP  Aeronautical Recommended Practices
ARPT  Airport
ARR  Arrival
ART  Active Repair Time
ART  Artificial
ARTCC  Air Route Traffic Control Center
ARTF  Artificial
AS  Accomplishment Summary
Aerospace Standard
Auto Stabilization
ASA  Airborne Separation Assurance
All Speed Aileron
Auto land Status Annunciate
Air Safety Analyst
ASAP  As Soon As Possible
ASC Air Safety Commitee
ASCB Aircraft Standard Communication Bus
ASCII  American Standard Code Of Information Interchange
ASD  Accelerate Stop Distance
Airline Service Data Collection
Auto Shut Down
ASE  Airborne Support Equipment
Amperes Per Square Foot
Altimetry System error
ASI  Airspeed Indicator
Air Safety Investigator
ASIC  Application Specific Integrated Circuit
ASM  Aircraft Schematics Manual
Airline Specific Manual
American Society For Metals
ASN  Apu Serial Number
Aerospatiale Norm
ASP  Audio Selector Panel
ASPSU  Autonomous Standby Power Supply Unit
ASR  Airport Surveillance Radar
Air Safety Report
ASSY  Assembly
ASYM  Asymmetric
AT  Adjustment/Test
Auto Throttle
Auto Thrust
ATA  Air Transport Association Of America
Actual Time of Arrival
ATARF  Ata - Reference
ATB  Ata-Breakdown
ATC  Air Traffic Control
Approved Type Certificate
ATCB  Air Traffic Control Board
ATCE  Airline Test Cell Equipment Manual
ATCH  Attach
ATCK  Attack
ATCO Air Traffic Control
Air Taxi Commercial Operator
ATCRB  Air Traffic Control Radar Beacon
ATCRBS  Air Traffic Control Radar Beacon System
ATCSS  Air Traffic Control Data Link Signaling System
ATD Actual Time of Departure
ATE  Automatic Test Equipment
ATEC  Automatic Test Equipment Complex
ATF  Activity Test Failure
ATG  Airbus Terminology Glossary
ATH  Auto Throttle
ATHR  Auto Thrust
ATI  Air Transport Indicator
ATIS  Automatic Terminal Information Service
Air Traffic Information System
ATL Aircraft technical Log
ATLAS  Abbreviated Test Language For All Systems
ATM  Air Turbine Motor
ATM  Aircraft Transportability Manual

Available Ton-Mile
Assumed Temperature Method

ATMP Air Tour Management Plan
ATMS  Advanced Text Management System
ATN  Aeronautical Telecommunication Network
ATO  Aborted Take Off
Air Traffic Organisation
ATP  Acceptance Test Procedure
ATPL  Airline Transport Pilot License
ATRIM  Auto Trim
ATS  Administrative Terminal System
Air Traffic Sector
Air Traffic Services
Airbus Technical Specification
Auto Throttle System
Auto Thrust System

Air Transport Safety Bureau (Australia)

ATSU  Air Traffic Service Unit
ATT  Attitude
ATTEN  Attenuation
ATTN  Attention
ATTND  Attendant
ATZ  Aerodrome Traffic Zone
AUD  Audio
AUTH  Authorize
AUTO  Automatic
AUTOCAL  Auto Calibration
AUTOLAND  Automatic Landing
AUW  All-Up Weight
AUX  Auxiliary
AVAIL  or AVBL Available
AVG  Average
Guide dog in Cabin
AVI Live Animals (IATA)
AVIOLAN  Avionics Local Area Network
AVIONICS  Aviation Electronics

Automatic Volume Control

AVM Airborne Monitoring Vibration System
Livestock as Mail
AVLAN  Avionics Local Area Network
AVNCS  Avionics
AVOD  Audio-Video On Demand
AVOR  Airway-Vor
AVRS  Audio/Video Recording System
AVSA Adjust Vertical Speed Adjust (TCAS)
AWB  Airway Bill
Audio Warning Box
AWG  American Wire Gage
Audible Warning Generator
AWL  Aircraft Wiring List
AWLS  All Weather Landing System
AWM  Aircraft Wiring Manual
AWO All Weather Operations
AWS  American Welding Society
AWY  Airway
AX  Access Authorized
Longitudinal Acceleration
AY  Lateral Acceleration
AZ  Azimuth
Vertical Acceleration
AZFW Actual Zero Fuel Weight
B-RNAV Basic Area Navigation
B/A  Bank Angle
B/B  Back Beam
B/C  Baggage Container
Business Class
Back Course
B/D  Bottom Of Descent
BAABI  Basic Approved Ata Breakdown Index
BAC or B/CRS or B/C or BCS Back Course
BAE  British Aerospace
BAF  Baffle
BAFO  Best And Final Offer
BAL  Basic Assembly Language
BAMC  Bleed Air Monitoring Computer
BARC  Barometric Altitude Rate Computer
BARO  BAROmetric
BARP  Barometric Pressure
BAT  Battery
BBRG  Ball Bearing
BC Patches
BCAS  Beacon Collision Avoidance System
BCD  Binary Coded Decimal (Data Word)
BCDS  Bite Centralized Data System
BCEPC  Balance Control Envelope Protection Computer
BCEPS  Balance Control Envelope Protection System
BCL  Battery Charge Limiter
BCN  Beacon
Baggage Container
BCU  Brake Control Unit
BCV  Bleed Control Valve
BDD  Bite Description Document
BDDV  Brake Dual Distributer Valve
BDLI  Bundesverband Der Deutschen Luft- Und Raumfahrt -Industrie
BDY  Boundary
BEL CRK  Bell Crank
BEL  Beil
BER  Beyond Economical Repair
BERM Snowbanks Containing earth/gravel (Alaska only)
BETW  Between
BEV  Bevel
BEW  Basic Empty Weight
BF  Brought Forward
BFDAS  Basic Flight Data Acquisition System
BFE  Buyer Furnished Equipment
BFO  Beat Frequency Oscillator
BFR  Buffer
BG  Built Group
Built Group Component
BGF First Class Baggage
BGM  Boarding General Music (Boarding Music)
BGS  Built Group Stack-Up
BGY Economy Class Baggage
BHD  Bulkhead
BIST  Built In Self Test
BIT  Binary Digit
Built In Test
BITE  Built In Test Equipment
BIU  Bite Interface Unit
BK  Black
BKR Breaker
BL  Bleed
BLC  Battery Line Contactor
BLD Bleed
BLK  Black
BLKT  Blanket
BLOW  Blower
BLST  Ballast
Bleed Status
BLT  Bolt
BLV  Bleed Load Valve (Bleed Valve)
BM  Beam
Built-Up Manual
BMC  Bleed Air Monitoring Computer
BMEP Brake Mean Effective Pressure
BND  Bonded
BNDG  Bonding
BNDRY  Boundary
BNR  Binary Data Word
BO  Blocking Oscillator
BO  Body Odeur
BOG  Bogie
BOT  Begin Of Tape
BOW  Break Off Weight
BP Best Practice
BPCU Bus Power Control Unit
BPP Bus Protection Panel
BPS  Bits Per Second
BPV  Bypass Valve
BR  Brown
BRC  Brace
BRD  Braid
BRDG  Bridge
BRG  Bearing
BRK  Brake
BRKNG  Braking
BRKR  Breaker
BRKS  Brakes
BRKT  Bracket
BRNAV Basic Area Navigation
BRT  Bright
BS  Backspace
British Standard
Burner Staging
BSBV  Booster Stage Bleed Valve
BSCU  Braking And Steering Control Unit
BSHG  Bushing
BSI  Borescope Inspection
British Standards Institute
BSV  Burner Staging Valve (Cfm Engine)
BT  Bus Tie
BTB Bus Tie Breaker
BTC  Bus Tie Contactor
BTMS Brake Temperature Monitor System
BTMU  Brake Temperature Monitoring Unit
BTN  Button
BTR  Bus Tie Relay
BTS  Bleed Temperature Sensor
BTU  Bus Termination Unit
BU  Ballast Unit
Battery Unit
BUS  Bus Bar
BW  Beam Width
BYDU Back up Yaw Damper Unit
BYP  Bypass
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