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The human operator, the least reliable element of an aerodyne, but the most essential...!
Frank Caron (1991)

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Air Safety - Safety fundamentals

Flights Safety is not Security
Security is a scheme of measures, human and material means, intend to protect international civil aviation against illicit actions.

Flights Safety general definition
It is a created and maintained situation decided by the CEO (in airline companies, maintenance company, ATC, etc.), through the all positions (flights crew, maintenance, control, etc.) in order to reach the determined company goals.
This should be made trying to find and control the risks which could deteriorate the available resources.
The aviation safety is based on the conviction, unanimously shared of the need to preserve entire, the human work force and the materials used by the company.

Flights Safety operational definition
Aviation Safety tempts to prevent all events (accidents, serious incidents or incidents) susceptive to disrupt flights operation.

ALL the staff levels are concerned

Two MAIN goals

  1. Improving the level of safety,
  2. Improving the company operations efficiency.

Safety organisation
No Aviation safety organization can be thoroughly pictured with details. As matter of fact, the aviation safety field must ALWAYS search new methods and practices with a fully open mind towards its prevention quest.


Frank Caron, April 2006.

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