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The human operator, the least reliable element of an aerodyne, but the most essential...!
Frank Caron (1991)

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26 September 2016

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vocational training

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Company Ressources Management Program (CRMP)

Compagnie Ressource Management Program


  1. 13 parts (ICAO compliant)
    1. introduction
    2. exemples and statitics
    3. behaviour
    4. communication
    5. synergy
    6. mental system
    7. situational awareness
    8. decision
    9. human error
    10. automation
    11. factors decreasing the performance
    12. stress
    13. cases
  2. 602 slides
  3. 277 pictures and drawings
  4. 16 videos and recordings
  5. 36 accidents / serious incidents analysis
  6. 85 animations.
  7. A total of 274 Mo of data.


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